The architecture, engineering, and construction industry (AEC) is based on and driven by technical and accurate design content, efficient building design, and efficient design processes. That's why the industry is turning towards Building Information Modeling (BIM), which provides tools to specify building products easily and design more efficiently.

At CADdetails, we help product manufacturers become BIM-ready through extensive product knowledge and in-house testing to ensure accuracy. We have a team of expert modelers who will create a BIM specifically suited to your requirements to guarantee success. 

This article breaks down what to look for when looking for a BIM development service.

1. Understand the Importance of BIM

BIM has redefined the way AEC stakeholders interact with one another much like what Computer-Aided Design (CAD) was to hand drawing. It's even more crucial to manufacturers in redefining the way they sell their products. It's an essential piece that completes your product library and allows you to get specified more often by top designer professionals within the AEC industry. But, developing your own BIM can be time-consuming and costly. So, it is our job to create and host it for you.

It's important to understand how BIM can boost your business as a  manufacturer. With the right BIM development partner like CADdetails, you'll be able to meet the needs of your AEC professionals and maintain your content to the highest standards, and have your content accessible in North America and even globally.

2. Do Your Research

As a manufacturer, ask yourself some critical questions before embarking on BIM development. Do some groundwork and background checks before partnering with a BIM service developer – it gives you an idea of what to expect while working with them and ensure the work required from your company is minimal. At CADdetails, we work with you throughout, keeping you involved throughout the project's life until completion.

3. Ensure Your BIM is High-Quality & Easy to Use

BIM can be complicated in terms of infrastructure and user interface.  You need a BIM that's both high quality and easy to use for the designers. 

Unlike CADdetails, some companies that develop BIM are not set up for industry use - their models are not easy to use in design projects and they are not tested. In other words, many third-party BIM developers don't always make 'real' or 'correct' BIM models. The 3D model may look 'okay' on the surface, but in reality, the model is not properly set up to integrate into a project or it is missing major components that prohibit architects and designers from specifying accurately and properly. This makes for more work from you, the product manufacturer.

With high-quality and accurate BIM models, you won't need to do any of the work. We develop your BIM content for you and ensure architects and designers use it in their project plans. 

4. Make Sure Your BIM Will be Kept Up to Date

Technology keeps developing by the day. We keep testing and reviewing your BIM against industry standards and software updates to note anything that require improvement. Regular health checks and BIM model checking will help us detect issues in the model and fix them before they cost you time.

You'll also be able to know if the BIM model suits your needs and those of the designers using them. Our developers will sit down with you to make sure they develop a BIM that specifically suits you and your products to guarantee the best return on your investment. 


Ultimately, you want  a BIM development service that will provide high-quality and usable models and keep you in the loop for any new developments, changes, and advancements. Other factors to consider when looking for BIM development services include: pricing, expertise, and portfolio. 

If you're a product manufacturer looking to learn more about developing BIM models for your building and landscape products, you can schedule a BIM Demo with one of our experts.