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BIM is a critical need for building product manufacturers. If you are not BIM ready now, you need to be. CADdetails helps companies become BIM ready. We have been developing product models for over a decade. We go through extensive in-house testing and work with our clients to ensure accuracy. Our expert modelers have a passion for creating BIM and ensure that every project is successful. We empower manufacturers with ownership of their models.

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What's Included

Total Ownership of BIM files

High-quality BIM files developed in-house 

Ready-to-use models by the AEC community

Highest North American standards

Highly-accurate BIM models detailing

Latest 3D rendering technology

Promotion of existing content & Specifications

Promotion of existing content & Specifications

How CADdetails' BIM Development Services Works

CADdetails BIM development Step 1 In-House Discovery

In-House Discovery

Our team works with you to review your product information and design a plan to create your BIM objects. This information is used to create a proposal and outline for your consideration.

CADdetails BIM development Step 2

BIM Development

Our team of experts create high-quality BIM revit files for your building products. These BIM objects can be used by AEC design professionals in any project without limitations.

CADdetails BIM development Step 3 Presentation and Reach

Presentation & Reach

Your BIM objects are added in our cloud platform, CADdetails.com, and to your manufacturer profile page. This way, your BIM files are available to 590,000+ architects and design professionals.

Building Information Modeling FAQs

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. It is the concept that integrates all elements of an architectural design project. Not only does it include multiple types of documentation, modeling, and construction detailing, but also incorporates design phases and project lifecycle.

BIM objects are elements that get incorporated to the overall BIM project or model. These objects are often referred to as revit families, detail components or items, profiles, 3D components, metadata, material catalogs, system, or templates.

BIM objects need to be created natively in the software they are designed to be utilized in. For North America most firms utilize Autodesk software, their BIM modeling application is called Revit. At CADdetails we focus on just that, BIM in Revit. Many aspects go into developing a BIM file. A lot of things are in 3D, but BIM is far more powerful than just 3D. Some elements in BIM are not required to be in 3D or are not even visible in the object itself, but are required to specify an object correctly and make project use streamlined. If you’d like more information about our BIM development service, please contact us.

Each type of BIM object is utilized in its own way throughout the phases of a project. Some elements are utilized for design purposes, while others are for construction or even project lifecycle. Many objects can work through multiple or all aspects if designed accordingly. In all applications your files need to be incorporated into a project in order to be specified in a BIM project. The concept for BIM is all about coordination. The BIM objects will be loaded into a project and then associated to the correct place to specify that type of object. Talk to one of our experts for more information on your category specifically.

Many BIM users look for product specific BIM models from a trusted source like CADdetails.com. Once you find the product you're looking for there can be different types of elements you can download based on application and/or design phase. Once downloaded, the file is loaded into a project via the built-in load into or transfer tools. The objects are automatically put into the project's browser. Then they can be utilized within the given project and saved to the template for future use in similar projects.

BIM software can be anything designed to integrate and collaborate information with and within an active model. There are many evolving tools to help aid architecture firms in this process. In North America most firms use software that was created by or designed to work with AutoDesk applications. This makes revit, AutoDesk's BIM design tool, the primary modeling tool. This is often directly incorporated into BIM 360 to collaborate efficiently between all teams and other information based software applications. There are a series of software applications that work alongside this to complete and maintain a BIM project. Along with that other well known modeling software include ArchiCAD, Navisworks, Vectorworks, Bentley, and many more.

There is a lot of knowledge behind BIM development and the evolving requirements. Services such as CADdetails.com can support manufacturers with that expertise to ensure the objects being developed are up to industry standards. There are years of training and industry knowledge that are needed to create effective BIM. Our service allows manufacturers to skip that and have quality models built without the expense of training an in-house team.

There are many benefits of BIM in a construction project. A few of these things include giving more design control to the architect, more efficient designs, and the most cost effective construction process for a given project is possible.

BIM can impact the design in a variety of ways. Among those are related to efficiency, for example planned movement of people, identifying and resolving conflicts in the design or supporting systems, and visual showing design options and flexibility.

They are both of equal importance. Both are required systems for construction. Both structure and MEP modeling and metadata should be handled native within the BIM software and model.

The BIM process has a lot to do with collaborating software and information. A positive side effect of this is better collaboration between multiple teams and firms. Any tools used to share information will greatly aid to support the BIM process and keep the final model more streamlined. 

Accurate 3D renderings that are tied to the information are very valuable to any contractor or owner. With BIM it doesn’t have to just be a static 3D image, but something a owner or contractor can move around and see from different angles and viewpoints. These 3D models can also be used in virtual reality applications, which is great for inspectors as well. During construction these models can be used with augmented reality tools,  so contractors can see elements in place before they are built and identify red flags. This can potentially save time, cost, and headaches during construction.

BIM outsourcing services are companies that will model native BIM models for architecture firms or BIM objects for manufacturers. It’s important your outsourcing services completely understand the scope of what is required so both parties work together well and are happy with the end results. No two projects are the same.

BIM modeling is the graphical portion of BIM. In architecture firms the revit project is often referred to as the BIM model for a given project. Manufacturers sometimes relate the BIM model to components or objects that are intended to be incorporated into a revit project.

A company that understands the needs for both manufacturers and architectural firms. They also have the industry knowledge to back up decisions that keep the objects useful for architectural firms, as that should be a primary goal. CADdetails has multiple team members that are well versed in the industry requirements to ensure you have what will be needed to get your products specified in the right projects. Book a Demo to discover more about our BIM development services.

Why should I switch from CAD to BIM?

BIM is the next evolution of the CAD software. The BIM concept allows firms to move their designs into the next century. It helps firms design more efficiently and push the limits for each design, at the same time coordinating with teams throughout the design and construction process. It can also incorporate lifecycle management that can be handed off to facility management for future use in maintaining a property.

Trusted by Thousands of Manufacturers

CADdetails provides high-quality BIM objects that are used by the top architectural firms and developed for thousands of building product manufacturers to reach construction specification standards including…

CADdetails Chamclad Trusted Building Product Manufacturer
CADdetails Mapes Trusted Building Product Manufacturer
CADdetails Tubelite Trusted Building Product Manufacturer
CADdetails Pella Trusted Building Product Manufacturer
CADdetails Draper Trusted Building Product Manufacturer
CADdetails Stellar Hearth Trusted Building Product Manufacturer

BIM Projects

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CADdetails BIM development Project by Firerock

B-Vent Fireplace

CADdetails BIM development Project by AGS Stainless

Mills Residence

CADdetails BIM development Project by Prestige Stone

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