Over time building manufacturers' products are used in various construction and landscape projects. Each project in which manufacturers' products are used serves as an opportunity to inspire other architects and designers working on similar projects. Manufacturers with the capability of tracking their projects and photographing or obtaining images of their projects can leverage images, videos, and other information with the design community. A carefully curated project gallery serves as an inspirational testimonial that is both attractive and informative. Project information can be shared on manufacturers’ websites, through social media, and on the CADdetails Get Inspired Project Gallery.

What Should Building Product Manufacturers Include in Projects?

Manufacturers should gather information about the projects in which their products are used wherever possible. Great project information can include a variety of elements such as images of the site before a product was installed, the installation process, workers interacting with the product, as well as beautiful shots of the finished project. Outdoor images should be taken on bright days with a blue sky to obtain the best possible backdrop for showcasing products. Some products may benefit from being photographed in various weather conditions as this may demonstrate the properties of the product best. 

Images are powerful and persuasive. They form the basis of a project gallery, but other media can also be helpful to viewers. Videos can provide a way to communicate a lot about a product and a project. Video can be used to discuss the installation process, point out the benefits of using the product, and reinforce manufacturer branding. Project details are also important to architects and designers. This information could include the design concept, when the project took place, the cost and scope of the total project, the firms involved, and a detailed story about the project itself.

While multiple images and a story are ideal for projects, they are not required. A project can make an impression even with only a single image. Even a single image of a product on-site provides context for the product’s use and demonstrates the manufacturer’s experience with providing products for that particular project type.

Project galleries should be as wide-ranging as the products allow. If a manufacturer’s products are used in multiple countries, project information from these countries is ideal. If a product is useful in a variety of climates, a project gallery can illustrate that perfectly. 

Why Should Manufacturers Have Their Projects on CADdetails?

Building and landscape product manufacturers are best served by a project gallery that is able to reach the design community, while also providing coordinated design documents to turn inspiration into specification. CADdetails.com reaches 668,000+ North American design professionals.  CADdetails profiles include a Project Gallery. Each project can host up to 25 images, a video, as well as a text description about the project. Project Galleries are linked to the products used, to provide coordinated design documents to ease the specification process.

Projects on CADdetails are added to our new Project Gallery, Get Inspired. We launched our new Enhanced Project Gallery earlier this year with a fresh look and enhanced user experience. The CADdetails Get Inspired Project Gallery has 8,300 monthly Project Gallery pageviews to maximize brand and project exposure. Manufacturers eager to reach the design community can benefit from this exposure.

Manufacturers who maximize their CADdetails participation also receive Design Hub. Design Hub serves as a stand-alone portal from manufacturers' own websites to their branded design content and coordinated design files. Design Hub not only includes a manufacturer-specific project gallery, but also grants manufacturers with an unlimited number of projects they can showcase not only on Design Hub and on their CADdetails profile, but also on the Enhanced Project Gallery. 

If you are a building product or material manufacturer looking to inspire architects to specify your products to 668,000+ North American design professionals, book a call with CADdetails today. 

Cover Image by Photo by Huỳnh Đạt, Valeria Boltneva, Leeloo Thefirst, Volkan Vardar, cottonbro studio on Pexels