As a building product manufacturer, you want architects, designers, engineers, and construction personnel to specify and eventually buy your products. But, it's the architect who initiates the project by looking at your products and design collateral to determine how they suit the project at hand. With so many competitors in the industry, you have to become the best and appeal to architects through quality, interactive, and functional tools like Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM helps you and design professionals create and manage designs easily and more effectively.

The secret is to set yourself apart by having BIM that meets the needs and inspiration of architects and designers so they prefer and download your BIM as opposed to those of your competitors.

Please read on to find out how to get architects to select your BIM and specify your products for their project plans.

Quality is Key

High-quality BIM provides architects and designers with detailed and accurate digital data of your products and designs, one which an architect can rely on when selecting items for their project plans. It's a placeholder in the conceptual design stage for any architecture. Your BIM should be easy to find with all the basic information so that designers and specifiers can see at a glance what their building will look like upon project completion.

To guarantee the quality, work with reputable BIM services providers. At CADdetails, we work with you to develop a high-quality BIM and offer regular reviews and updates to cover everything about the model to ensure you have the best and increase your chances of being specified.


Architects and designers want BIM that can easily suit their design purpose and adapt to their project specifications. Remember that an architect is looking for a building product manufacturer who will help make their design process more efficient, seamless or even help them solve a design problem. Not one who will just sell them something.

Your BIM should offer the necessary data from the early design stages to help rapidly create project plans and data sets with more manufacturer-specific data sets as the project moves forward, and more stakeholders become involved.

Project Integration

This is yet another key aspect to get architects and designers to select your BIM content and specify your products over your competitors. BIM loaded with a lot of content isn't enough to appeal to an architect. Your BIM content should be easy to integrate into the project, especially as the work proceeds from preliminary design to working design and specifications. It should be easy to integrate and use with various design software like Autodesk Revit™ in scalable versions to enable architects to work easily

Project integration also implies collaboration. Your BIM shouldn't limit your customers, architects, and designers on what they can do with the content. Architects and designers will favor highly-collaborative BIM content that is easy to work with and communicate to clients and other project stakeholders, saving time and boosting productivity.


BIM is a key aspect of smart design and should, therefore, help the whole design to project phase be as seamless as possible. Architects develop drawings in formats such as CAD that might not make much sense to the client. That's where rendering comes in as they need to present realistic images of what the building will look like once it's completed –mostly, this is what a client wants to see. Your BIM content should be renderable for easier presentation to the client throughout the project. No architect wants to keep duplicating your content into renderable formats all the time. That's time-, energy-consuming and inefficient.

2022.05-How-to-Get-Architects-to-Select-Your-BIM_2The Bottom Line

High-quality, functional, easy-to-integrate, and renderable BIM content will boost your chances of being selected by architects and your products specified for projects. But, you must work with the best BIM development services like CADdetails to stay ahead of your competitors.

Please don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about the importance of BIM for product manufacturers or to talk to one of our experts.