Architects are crucial stakeholders in any construction project. They're the ones who initiate projects by looking at and ascertaining designs and specifying building materials to ensure that everything meets project requirements and specifications. Therefore, it's important for you as a Building Product Manufacturer to know what architects want. It's even more important to know how to reach them in a manner that communicates your products and company's reputation to increase your chances of getting specified into projects.

Before marketing to architects, you must understand them and their profession. It's advisable to think like an architect and play in the same space to know exactly what they want and how to reach them. Most manufacturers find it difficult to reach architects for various reasons despite having the best technical resources, especially in the ever-evolving digital marketing arena.

1. Review Your Current Reach With Data Analysis

An effective digital marketing strategy for any business revolves around how well behavioural data is collected, analyzed, and used to develop a solid strategy data is the basis of digital marketing architects.

Having a digital marketing campaign is important, but you need to keep analyzing data from your current campaign(s) to help determine, understand and improve how to market your building products to architects as well. Continuous data analysis helps you single out how successful the current campaign is, how the architects interacted with it and what you need to change or bank on more to reach and sell to them even more.

Luckily, there are many ways to analyze and monitor your data to boost your bottom line. With CADdetails analytics, you can access metrics for in-depth data tracking and analysis in the construction industry.

2. Examine Your Marketing Options, What Is Working and Is Not

Thinking like architects, collaborating with them beyond selling, and understanding their niche goes a long way in helping you determine the best digital marketing options. Designers and architects can be reached through emails, trade shows, technical designs, technical design libraries, technical design articles, interactive ads, blog posts, and social media.  Once you know all your options, you're sure to have successful building materials digital marketing to reach them and specified more often.

3. Set Your Marketing Goals and Connect With an Industry Partner

Be clear on what you want to achieve with your digital marketing campaign. That way, you can focus your efforts on what really matters to reach and connect with architects more, build a better portfolio, and sell more products. You can also work with AEC professionals, including designers, installers, specifiers, and contractors, to strengthen your position within the industry.

Don't forget to set clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track your progress.

4. Receive Services To Connect With the Right Audience

Architects need an easy way to ask questions, find information, view your products, and have easy access to your design files. While these are all a sure way to boost your reach to architects and designers, options like CADdetails microsites or Design Hub can greatly help strengthen your digital marketing strategy.

5. Ensure Your Digital Product & Design Library Meet Industry Standards

Architects and designers are particular about project designs and materials. Whether your digital marketing strategy is email, ads, blog posts, or social media-based, it's also beneficial to ensure that your digital products and design library follow industry trends. Your design products should also be easy to integrate with architectural software like ARCHICAD™ and Autodesk Revit™.

6. Apply Your Design Content to Your Campaign Strategy

Architects and designers are a visual audience. Showcasing projects in a project gallery boosts the chances of your products being specified by architects. Making 3D models of your products available, such as BIM Revit models and SketchUp, are important ways to provide the files designers need to include your products in their projects.

7. Measure the Results, Optimize, Rinse and Repeat

Your digital marketing isn't a one-time solution. It should be flexible enough that you can make necessary adjustments and maximize or optimize what works for your building products. If the website isn't delivering as you expected, you come up with ways of making it better, like changing the CTA (Call-to-action).
Again, stay innovative and creative to increase the architects' user experience with your email marketing strategy, social media, blog posts, or landing pages. Your digital products should be easy to interact with, have professional photos, "Ask" sections, clear product certifications, and how-to videos to make it easy for architects to interact with.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is fast-evolving, and as building product manufacturers, you want to engage with the right audience. CADdetails aims to help to build product manufacturers reach architects, engineers, and designers who are looking for their products and connect them at the right time in the project planning process. Learn from our experts about how to enhance your digital marketing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about building materials and digital marketing architects for manufacturers or talk to one of our experts.

cover image Ⓒ by Headway on Unsplash