While Building Product Manufacturers are not required to have BIM for their products, many of their clients (architects, contractors, etc.) are required to have BIM in order to successfully complete building projects. This is why most building product manufacturers have adapted to offer BIM models of their products. In this article we’ve outlined the top 5 reasons why building product manufacturers have BIM.

1 - Competitive Advantage 

As mentioned above, BIM isn’t required for building product manufacturers, however, if you have it you create a competitive advantage for your company. When architects and/or contractors are looking to specify products into their project plans, they will be more likely to select yours because of the ease of integration into their plans. 

2 - Demonstrates Flexibility of the Product 

While a product description and measurements is helpful for an average consumer of a building product, having the ability to manipulate the product into established building plans helps the client understand the flexibility of your product in two ways. The first way is by seeing it react to the environment it’s placed in, and the second way is by having the ability to drop the product into numerous environments. 

3 - Raises Brand Awareness

If you get your BIM developed by a company such as CADdetails, you become part of a designated network that includes over 578,000 design professionals. When those design professionals are searching for BIM specific content, you have the ability to appear in their search and become top of mind for them in future searches. 

4 - Likely to Become Preferred Manufacturer for Firms

If an AEC professional is in the market for a product like what you offer, and they are sifting through dozens, they are most likely to choose yours if you have BIM for all of your products. This is because they can then rely on you as their supplier for the majority of their project plans.

5 - Confidence in Your Product 

With a BIM model of your product, an AEC professional will gain full confidence when specifying your product. They will not only know the composition of your product upon reading your product descriptions but also understand the way your product can fit easily into their project plans.


Most building product manufacturers have adapted to include BIM because of the benefits mentioned above. If you want to take advantage of the benefits, reach out to our specialists today to see how we can help.