Whether you’re launching a new product line or looking to get your product specified by architects, having CAD content will be super beneficial for your company. In this article, we’ve outlined 5 reasons why CAD content is important for building manufacturers and how you will benefit from having CAD for your products.

1. CAD Shows Off Your Products Physical Properties.

When you have a CAD drawing of your product, you’re able to offer potential customers a direct look at the physical properties. They can see the dimensions, and potentially place the model directly into their product plans.

2. Streamlines the Design Process for Architects and Building Product specifiers.

One of the most important benefits of a CAD drawing to architects is that it helps them with streamlining their design process. If your product is ready to be specified into their project plans then they will not.

3. Provides an opportunity for efficient collaboration between team members

When selling your product, you want it to be accessible to your customers and easily fit into their project plans. With a CAD drawing, you allow your clients to engage in collaboration between team members.

4. The cost for development is less expensive than traditional photography

If you have a larger product, it can be hard to get photos of it at all the right angles. With CAD, however, you can get your product portrayed in numerous views for a flat rate. Furthermore, you won’t need to ship your product to your CAD developer in order for the models to be made.

5 - Boosts Confidence in Your Product

When you have a CAD drawing, you offer your potential specifier an inside look on your product. They can get an understanding of the product's limitations (for example if a product can only be dimensioned to a specific size), and composition (a clear depiction of what parts are metal, plastic, or resin).

Why CAD Content Is So Important for Building Manufacturers

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