If you’re looking to expand your SketchUp knowledge or transform yourself from novice to expert, we highly recommend these SketchUp YouTube channels and blogs that cover tutorials, industry tips, and the latest SketchUp news.

1. SketchUp Blog

Since 2007, the SketchUp blog has been using Google’s Blogger platform for publishing articles about SketchUp. At this blog you can find industry tips, SketchUp Plugin news, and all of the important SketchUp updates.

Visit the SketchUp blog.

2. SketchUp School

SketchUp School is where professionals go when they're serious about learning SketchUp. Our channel is about sharing some of what we've learned from teaching professionals in Architecture, Interior Design, Construction, Film & Stage, Landscape Architecture, and Kitchen & Bath Design how to do what they need to do with SketchUp for more than a decade.

View the SketchUp YouTube channel

3. SketchUp Essentials 

Active since 2014, this YouTube channel is dedicated to bringing valuable SketchUp lessons and tutorials to help people have fun with 3D modeling! Expect new videos weekly ranging from tutorials to tips and tricks.

View SketchUp Essentials YouTube channel.

4. SketchUp for Interior Designers

SketchUp for Interior Designers focuses on teaching SketchUp specific to an interior design workflow. The instructor, Tammy Cody, has been teaching SketchUp since 2016 and places a heavy importance on good drawing habits and model efficiency. Her students feel supported and find her easy to reach when they are feeling stuck. Other free resources include webinars and YouTube tutorials. Tammy also runs her interior design business, Cody Design Studio in San Luis Obispo, CA. 

Visit the SketchUp Blog for interior designers.

Photorealistic Dynamic SketchUp Development made by CADdetailsSketchUp Model Created by CADdetails

5 - Architecture Inspirations

The Architecture Inspirations YouTube channel is a place where Minh shares their knowledge, tutorials, tips, and tricks for architectural rendering and visualization.

View the Architecture Inspirations YouTube channel.

6 - Designer Hacks

Active since 2014, the Designer Hacks YouTube channel provides hacks to help designers maximize their efficiency at home & in the workplace. They use simple & engaging tutorials, Do It Yourself (DIY) guides, & helpful tools to get designers focused on what's important - design. This channel focuses on creating Trimble SketchUp tutorials, AutoCAD tutorials, photoshop tutorials, and other tutorials geared towards designers.

View the Designer's Hack YouTube channel.

7 - Constructible 

Constructible’s blog provides a collection of articles outlining the latest industry news,  best practices, and topics covering innovations in construction technology. 

View the Constructible blog

8 - Winning with SketchUp 

Winning with SketchUp is more than just a YouTube channel - it’s a community and resource hub dedicated to helping home improvement businesses to incorporate 3D technology into their workflow.

View the Winning with SketchUp YouTube channel.

9 - SketchUp Architect

Active since 2018 with 2 videos per quarter, the SketchUp Architect channel offers online SketchUp training taking users from beginners to professionals. 

View the SketchUp Architect's YouTube Channel.

10 - Tutorials Up

With a frequent posting schedule of 1 video a week, Tutorials Up offers a vast amount of content ranging from tutorials to tips and tricks for SketchUp users of all experience levels.

View the Tutorials Up YouTube channel.

Was there a blog or YouTube channel that became your favorite? Do you have a different blog or YouTube channel to suggest for the list? Feel free to reach out to us!