Building product manufacturers must be experts in their products. To be specified by architects and design professionals, manufacturers also need to navigate the design community. They need to understand how best to deliver the product information design professionals require. Meeting the needs of the design community requires manufacturers to have an online space to provide a range of organized design files and project information. This is a sizable task and may require the development of various design files such as BIM, SketchUp, CAD, and Specifications. Building and maintaining a modern design platform demands resources such as time and expertise. To address this problem and make it easy for building product manufacturers to provide design content from their website, CADdetails has launched the new Design Hub.

What is Design Hub?

Design Hub is a modern platform that works as a portal from manufacturers' websites to their design content. Design Hub is CADdetails’ new solution for organizing technical design content on building product manufacturers’ websites. This allows manufacturers to focus on their products knowing their design content is fully managed and maintained. Participation with Design Hub ensures all technical information is updated and managed by the in-house experts at CADdetails. Becoming a partnered manufacturer with CADdetails also provides manufacturers with access to development services and design content expertise.

Design Hub allows for flexibility and customization of the appearance of the platform to allow for brand personalization. Customized color and content permits a seamless brand experience. Manufacturers enjoy onboarding and ongoing support from CADdetails to save manufacturers time and resources.

Manufacturers can share their Design Hub wherever it makes the most sense for them. Most often this includes being shared on manufacturer’s websites, linked through design resources, specific products, or used in email signatures or on social media.

User Experience

CADdetails is dedicated to supporting design professionals along their specification journey. The new Design Hub embraces this approach by providing intuitive navigation to the content designer professionals need. Designers accessing content through Design Hub enjoy an excellent user experience. They easily can find what they are looking for because of the organized content presented. Architects and design professionals can review manufacturers' products as showcased in real-life projects alongside coordinated design files to turn inspiration into specifications. 

Powerful Analytics

The success of Design Hub can be measured by manufacturers by reviewing the new and powerful analytics provided with Design Hub participation. Manufacturers can access data that allows them to dig down into activity metric types and time frames of particular interest. They are provided with insights into the types of content downloaded, and the types of design professionals interacting with their product information. Summaries allow quick access to information including best-performing products, user activity, firm activity, and the most active design firms.

If you are a building product or material manufacturer looking to inspire architects to specify your products, contact CADdetails to discuss creating your custom Design Hub to capture the interest of designers looking for design content on your website. Your product information will also be promoted to 668,000+ North American design professionals. Book a call with CADdetails today.