The internet presents a massive opportunity for businesses, including manufacturers, to build and strengthen their brands through various digital marketing strategies like lead generation, enhanced analytics, and consumer targeting. But, this comes with a downside –the many "distractions and noise" that come with websites and other digital marketing platforms that distract or bore customers. That's where microsites come in to reduce or eliminate distractions and attract conversions for specific tasks.

What's a Microsite?

The definition is in the name - micro. A microsite is a single-function, small-scale website or a branded webpage(s) that exists separate from your company's main website designed to focus on a specific topic to drive a specific action like e-mail sign-ups or product awareness. They are dedicated to a single product, service, person, or activity.

Not to be mistaken with landing pages, microsites are digital marketing tools with their own domain name, separate from that of the original website and don't. Furthermore, they only exist for a short period.

While microsites might have some of the components of the main website like logo, company name, and fonts, they lack other add-on content like the company's "About Us," "Subscribe," or "Purchase."

Now, let's look at the advantages of microsites and how they can help you, as a manufacturer, gets more leads for a successful marketing campaign.

1. Increase Brand Awareness & Be Amongst the Best

A microsite is a sure way to boost your brand's visibility, thus awareness to potential customers. Unlike original websites, microsites are somehow more fun, creative, innovative, and specific, aimed at engaging as many customers as possible. With a microsite, whether you're running a new or existing marketing campaign, you can establish and strengthen your brand's presence online and be amongst the best manufacturers in the industry. Getting your microsite hosted in a platform that will allow you to reach your audience in the top search engines is essential. By launching your microsite with a trusted partner like CADdetails, your company will achieve brand visibility and awareness toward increasing your conversion.

2. Lead Generation Tool

One of the objectives of a marketing campaign is to generate new leads for their business. A well-designed microsite can greatly help attract potential customers by providing informative and engaging content which attracts their interest in an easy-to-understand and fun way. With every successful lead generation, these customers will move from potential and become yours.

3. Focused Content and Targeted Campaigns

One of the perks of microsites is that they focus on specific topics, events, or products in a manner with which it is easy for users to interact. There is no unnecessary "noise," making microsites simple, straightforward, and effective.

Microsites are also simple with few or no distractions on the web page(s), rendering them effective in generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and capturing your users' attention. With a microsite, you can deliver highly targeted content to a specific audience to take your manufacturing business to the next level.

4. Enhanced Analytics

Given that microsites focus on specific products, services, events, or audiences, it becomes easy to study and analyze the data gathered and see how successful a campaign is or was. It's easy to conduct a deeper analysis of leads generated, conversions, consumer behavior, and preferences for a specific product –this might be difficult for your manufacturing business' overall campaign.

For enhanced analytics, it's possible to set up or create different data views for the data only appearing in your microsite (subdomain) and use it separately from that of the whole company's website. That way, you can easily translate it into accurate, actionable business data.

5. Shareable

Microsites are easy to manage and share across a manufacturer's websites in a cost, energy, time, and resource-effective manner. While you can host your microsite on or independent of your main website domain, the latter allows you to share the microsite to your other websites or even third-party websites to boost your online presence or SEO for a successful marketing campaign.

Other benefits of a microsite include:

  • Improved SEO performance

  • Better Customer Retention Marketing (CRM), and

  • Enhance customer engagement

The Bottom Line

The benefits of microsites in a manufacturer's marketing campaign are immeasurable. But, you can only enjoy these perks if you have the right partner in your corner who will help develop an effective microsite. While finding one isn't easy, there's no need to worry.

CADdetails is here to help you create and manage your microsite for you, as a manufacturer, to ensure you are reaching the right audience.

Please contact us or book a demo with one of our experts to help your business grow and maximize your lead generation.


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