The demand for BIM for building products has grown over the last two decades and many building product manufacturers now have BIM models as part of the design collateral for their products. Providing BIM models for products makes it easier for design teams to include those products in BIM projects. However, more than simply having BIM models is required. Architects and designers need to be made aware that the models are available. BIM models also need to be developed using the right software and at the appropriate level of detail to work well in projects. Building product manufacturers seldom have their own BIM expert on staff, and can be in the dark about the true quality and usefulness of their models. 

CADdetails offers manufacturers a way to get their BIM design content in front of actively specifying design professionals well ensuring BIM models are useable in projects. Moreover, in-depth technical assessments are available to further provide a valuable perspective on existing models. Manufacturers of building products should consider the reasons they should make BIM models for their products available on CADdetails.

1. Content on CADdetails Reaches Over 657,000 Design Professionals

Architects and design professionals have relied on CADdetails for quality design content for over 25 years. We reach over 657,000 design professionals in North America. Design professionals use CADdetails early in the planning stages of their projects, helping manufacturers get their products specified early in the design process. Our reach ensures your design content is available to actively specifying architects and designers at the right time. Simply having BIM files is not enough, you need to get the files to people that are actually doing projects.

2. We Make Sure Your BIM Can Be Used in a BIM Project

Due to the training and software required to work with BIM, many manufacturers are unclear regarding the exact status of their models. In fact, some manufacturers may be completely in the dark about what is in their BIM files. The quality of building product manufacturers’ BIM varies wildly from incredibly well-made and ready-to-be-specified into BIM projects to unusable and low-quality files. CADdetails provides an initial assessment and reviews manufacturers' BIM content to ensure the files are usable in BIM projects before they are posted on CADdetails. A BIM expert looks at the files and determines if they can be accurately specified by analyzing overall quality, usability, data, accuracy, and the ability to be rendered.  A summary report, including recommendations, may be provided to manufacturers as a way to help them get the most value out of their BIM files.

3. In-Depth Technical Assessments Available 

Manufacturers seeking a deeper understanding of their BIM collateral have the option of a Technical Assessment. This assessment has one of CADdetails’ BIM experts perform a granular assessment and analysis of model. They verify the constraints are there. Then, the BIM expert engages in a review of all of the metadata and examines material options. The results of this assessment are provided to the client for their consideration.

4. Experts You Can Count On

CADdetails’ partnered manufacturers gain access to our in-house experts for CAD, BIM, SketchUp, and 3-part Specifications. CADdetails experts are here to guide manufacturers to the right solutions to get products specified.

5. Fully Managed BIM and Expert BIM Development

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the task of managing your BIM content. Our BIM team not only reviews and develops BIM content, but they also manage and maintain BIM content to ensure manufacturers’ BIM is up-to-date and project-ready.

Should you require BIM development, our in-house experts are knowledgeable and dedicated to creating high-quality BIM content that is project-ready. We offer the right level of development for your products, and we upgrade and maintain your BIM libraries.

6. Leverage Organized Design Content

In addition to BIM content, building product manufacturers often have other types of design content that can help get them specified. Manufacturers may actually have so much content it can be overwhelming to organize, maintain, and present to designers. CADdetails handles design content for manufacturers so they can focus on their products. We organize design content including technical design files such as CAD and BIM, as well as inspirational project photographs and project information. We showcase and promote design content to inspire designers. Our CADdetails platform connects manufacturers' products with architects’ projects, while our Design Hub empowers manufacturers to showcase their design content anywhere online while providing state-of-the-art analytics and insight. 

Are you a building product manufacturer curious about the status of your BIM files? Would you like to make sure your BIM is reaching the right audience? Book a call with CADdetails today and get your products specified!

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