Internet offers a huge opportunity for businesses, including manufacturers. To build and strengthen their brands through various digital marketing strategies such as lead generation, enhanced analytics, and consumer targeting. 

However, it also has a downside, the distractions, that can divert or bore prospects on websites and other digital marketing platforms. 

That's where CADdetails Design Hub comes in to extend your brand presence and reduce or eliminate distractions for your targeted audience.

What's a CADdetails Design Hub?

The Design Hub is a service that helps building product manufacturers showcase their products and projects to architects and design professionals. It is a platform that combines projects with technical product information, such as CAD drawings, BIM models, specifications, etc. 

Reach your target audience! Increase brand awareness, and make it easy for design professionals to specify your products into projects with Design Hub.

The Design Hub is integrated with the manufacturers' brand, making it a trusted source for their audience.

Now, let's look at the advantages of the Design Hub and how it can help manufacturer like you:

1. Increase Brand Awareness - Maximize Your Reach

Design Hub is a sure way to boost your brand's visibility and awareness to potential customers. 

Unlike ordinary websites, a Design Hub is engaging, creative, innovative, and specific, aimed at engaging as many customers as possible. 

Whether you're running a new or existing marketing campaign, you can establish or strengthen your brand's online. 

Design Hub is hosted on a platform that will increase your brand reach on the search engines, which it is essential. Why? Because it extends your brand to the architects and design professionals' intent. By partnering with CADdetails, your company will achieve brand visibility and awareness that will lead to getting specified into projects.

2. Gain Access to Potential Customers

One of the objectives of a marketing campaign is to generate new leads for your business. It is a great tool to attract potential customers by providing useful content, such as projects, videos, products design files. 

By Leveraging the power of the Design Hub you are increasing the interest in your products. It helps to generate downloads, converting these users to potential customers.

3. Focused Content and Targeted Audience

Design Hub content focuses on products and projects in a way that makes it easy for users to interact. There is no unnecessary "noise", making your Design Hub simple, straightforward, and effective.

This technology is an easy way to extend your content with no distractions, an effective way of capturing users' attention. By delivering high-quality content to a targeted audience to take your manufacturing business growth.

4. Complete Analytics Included

The Design Hub focuses on products, projects, and your audience. It includes access to a complete set of analytics tools that will help you understand your audience's behavior and intent. 

It's easy to conduct any analysis of user's interaction with your content and provides a clear path to conversions. Conversions can be considered as downloads or requests for quotes, and preferences for products. 

This might be difficult to get from any other option or expensive to build. But it is a fully managed solution and provides the tools for manufactures to analyze the data from Design Hub.

Explore more about CADdetails enhanced analytics. It's possible that you need a complete set of analytics to understand your audience and improve your business.

5. Easy to Share

Design Hub is fully managed and easy to share across your website. It is a great alternative for saving cost, energy, time, and resources. 

While you can connect your Design Hub to your website, it is ready to be shared.  Use it in campaigns targeting architects and design professionals or in other third-party websites like professional directories. This will help boost your online exposure extend your digital footprint which is great for search engine optimization (SEO).

Other benefits include:

  • Increase SEO digital footprint

  • Better Customer Retention

  • Enhance customer engagement

  • Easy to share

The Bottom Line

Design Hub is an extension of the manufacturers brand online. A perfect targeted source for design professionals looking for products to specify in their construction projects.

It is a fully managed platform that saves you time and resources while driving high intent from architects and design professionals.

Design Hub includes a complete set of analytics that will help you make better products and market your audience effectively.

CADdetails will help you to create and manage your Design Hub for you. Making it easy for building product manufacturer to reaching the right audience.

Please contact us or book a demo with one of our experts to help your business grow and maximize your reach with Design Hub.


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