Understanding the needs of the design community is central to the success of any building product manufacturer. However, there are several factors that can make understanding this target market difficult. Traditional approaches to reaching this group are inefficient and ineffective. Timing has to be considered as reaching architects and design professionals at the right time is critical to have products considered for inclusion in a construction project. This is tricky. The long lead time between when a product is specified and when it is purchased and installed can make understanding the architectural product sales cycle difficult. Insights into the actions taken by architects when reviewing products are hard to obtain. CADdetails, as the leading provider of building product information, is uniquely positioned to provide innovative insight into manufacturer-specific product design content. CADdetails provides building product manufacturers with access to actively specifying architects and design professionals in North America, as well as powerful insights into this audience and how they interact with manufacturers’ technical design content. 

Gain Valuable Insights to Increase Your Product's Reach

CADdetails hosts, develops, maintains, and promotes building product manufacturers’ design content for architects and design professionals. Over the years we have grown to become the leading source of manufacturer-specific product design content for the AEC community. Designers rely on our high-quality organized design files and return to CADdetails project after project for easy-to-specify design content. We have innovated our analytics for our partnered manufacturers to better understand the needs and preferences of the design professionals using our core CADdetails platform and Design Hub

Since our platform has been around for over 25 years, designer professionals know they can count on us to provide project-ready design content from various manufacturers. Building product manufacturers that partner with CADdetails to promote their products and product design files to over 645,000 registered design professionals in North America. This large audience means great exposure for building product manufacturers.  Relevant data can be gathered from our many users and leveraged to better understand how products are reviewed and selected.

Understand Specification Intent that Drives Growth

Understanding how the design community interacts with your technical design content empowers you to make data-driven decisions. Analytics data from CADdetails gives building product manufacturers the power to leverage data and get clarity about their target audience. This information can enrich a digital marketing strategy and drive product development decisions.

Digital marketing strategies for building product manufacturers should include an exploration of data on how design professionals are interacting with their products’ design content. 

Leverage CADdetails Analytics with CADdetails Design Hub 

The power of the CADdetails Analytics program can now be leveraged on your website or anywhere you wish to share your technical design content online. CADdetails Design Hub includes an innovative metrics offering to give building product manufacturers the power to gain insight into specifying design choices on their own site. CADdetails includes personalization options for your design hub including colors, images, and subdomain URLs to provide a seamless experience for architects and design professionals. Combining manufacturers’ high-quality design content with the analytics capabilities of CADdetails equips manufacturers with a potent combination of content and insight.

Get Started

If you are a building product manufacturer you know that you need to have your products specified by architects and design professionals. Gaining insight into this market is important to your business success. CADdetails can guide you to the right solutions to ensure you have the right content available for the right audience. From there, we can provide you with data about how your audience is responding to your design content.

The first step is to book a call with a CADdetails expert. On the call, we will discuss your needs and tailor a plan for you to reach specifying professionals. We will ensure your design content is optimized for design professionals. Our onboarding specialists will create your CADdetails and Design Hub profiles. This will allow you to gain insights while you get specified.

Photo by CADdetails