Despite having an excellent product, it can be difficult to get AEC professionals engaged with it. This is especially true if your product is part of a highly competitive market or has a surprising complexity to it. In this article we go through 4 common challenges that building product manufacturers such as yourselves face, and how to overcome them.

1 - Highly Competitive Market 

As the market becomes increasingly saturated with new products, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of the competition and get your products specified by AEC professionals. A few ways to remain competitive is by having BIM and CAD content for your products. If AEC professionals can easily place your products into their project plans they are more likely to choose you as their supplier.

2 - Increasing Product Complexity 

Even though you know exactly how your product works, architects, designers, and the like may have a more difficult time understanding how it can be implemented into their already complex projects. By providing them with a BIM model of your product, you can not only show them the various details of your product but also encourage them to place it into their project plans to see how simple it would be for them to select your product.

3 - Custom Product Configurations 

While not all products are customizable, if you have a product that can be customized (such as the length of a fence, the configuration of a slide, or the size of a pole) then you want to provide your prospective AEC professional with additional information that outlines these features. Having the customizations as a written description is helpful, but being able to see how the customization will react within the project plans is even more beneficial.

4 - Product Performance Pressures

It’s one thing to say that your product is superior because of the material used for its composition. It’s another to show the prospective client exactly what makes your product unique, more durable and desirable than your competitors. With appropriate specifications, you can give your prospective customers insight on how your product will perform, the ratings it achieves, and the way it should be installed in order to maintain its superior performance.


Whether you’re facing a highly competitive market or having a hard time expressing your product’s complexities, we are here to help. You can book a free 30 minute consultation meeting with us to outline your project needs and gain more insight into our customized solutions that will solve your project needs.